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Summer of Self-Care

I wanted to do something a little different this summer. As much as I preach all things nutrition and healing the gut, there's a whole component that I think is equally as important as those things when managing and optimizing your health. And that my friends, is self-care.

You can't heal a body you hate. And if you aren't showing yourself a little bit of love everyday, (yes, every single day), you will be leaving your cup empty, meaning you can't fully give to others, or to your job, or your purpose.

Self-care doesn't always have to be bubble baths, and face masks, although I do love myself a nice spa day. But simply saying YES to things that will serve you and no to things that don't. Yes, that might mean cancelling plans, waking up earlier to get that work out in, or choosing a delicious kombucha instead of a wine night out with the gals, self-care can mean many different things for you.

Let's get right in to how the challenge works, which is also explained here and where you can sign up!

Throughout the 4 weeks, there are 5 specific things to focus on, and 1 for an extra bonus! These 5 things are:

Nourishment, Mindfulness, Movement, Hydration, & Sleep

Nourishment: I will be providing you a lovely little summer inspired meal plan. This will include healthy meals that are going to promote good digestion, calm inflammation in the body, and super charge your cells! Think nutrient dense seasonal salads, refreshing smoothies, & some delicious BBQ meals, because, tis the season! Even though this program isn't strictly focusing on food and what we are eating, is is extremely important to eat healthy, and is in itself an act of self-care to nourish yourself properly. Stress depletes nutrients, so if you are joining this challenge because you've felt burnout or need some extra self-love, then ensuring you are eating quality food is essential. I understand life is different in the summer, vacation, company, etc, but you get 1 point per day for following the meal plan OR following your own nutrition guidelines.

Mindfulness: This is a very broad word. What I mean by this is doing one practice a day that related to mindfulness. This could be a meditation, a journaling session, gratitudes, writing down positive affirmations etc. 1 point for doing this every day in the challenge!

Movement: Alright guys this is an easy one. We KNOW exercising helps the body resist stress, decreases cortisol levels, and releases endorphins that make you feel good. 30 minutes a day gets you 1 point. This can just be a walk, no need to bust out the weights every day, just focus on simply moving your body.

Hydration: A lot of us aren't getting enough water in a day. Water is essential for basically every biochemical reaction in the body, to helping with hormone regulation, metabolism, electrolyte balance + more. 3 L per day gets you 1 point! If you struggle with water intake, I recommend adding electrolytes or lemon, and also slamming 1 L right when you wake up for a head start.

Sleep: If we aren't getting proper sleep, or enough sleep, we definitely won't be showing up as our best, energetic, self! 8 can be tough to swing, but research shows that 6.5 hours might be the best number to strive for! 1 point for getting 6.5 hours + every night of the challenge!

Extra Bonus: You get an added bonus for doing 1 extra self-care activity per week! This can be a pedicure, taking half a day off to go read at the beach, getting a babysitting and going on a fancy date with your partner, or whatever literally fills your cup and feeds your soul!

Total of 144 points! I will be providing a nice little Habit Tracker spreadsheet to keep track of your points, and I'll have access to view yours as well.

But wait, there's more.

Prizes of course! Who doesn't need a little extra motivation that with some awesome prizes for the winner with the most points? I will be gifting one of my 6 Week Gut Reset Programs to start in September during my next group coaching program, a little self-care basket (details of what's to come!) and also my favourite products from Genuine Health and Sproos.

I wanted to give a ton of value for you guys, and motivate you to stay on track because I know what it's like to fall off track and then find it so hard to begin some of these healthy habits and important pillars for self-care! I will be doing the challenge right there with you guys!

I chose a super affordable price for you guys too, only $147! I will also be throwing in a supplement guide to help keep you feeling optimal and aid in recovery and decreasing stress.

It's going to be an amazing Summer, but even more amazing if you feel amazing.

So let's focus on all of the self-care, but also have the best summer and enjoy every minute of it <3

Click here to save your spot!

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