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5 Day Free Bloating 101 Workshop!

Hello hello!

I am back and hosting a free workshop at the end of this month! I absolutely love chatting about all things digestion, and want to give you guys the best value and advice all about gut health.

If you caught my Ditch the Bloat Workshop back in December, then you will definitely want to be apart of this one! Along with helpful tips to upgrade your digestion, I really get into the WHY behind bloating.

Bloating is not always food related such as food intolerance's or that

you ate too much sugar, but there are actually multiple reasons you could be experiencing unruly bloat that seems to negatively effect your whole day!

From SIBO, carbohydrate intolerance's, to classic indigestion and constipation, I will go over all the possible reasons you might be bloated. At the end of the workshop, I'll give you a quiz to help you uncover why you might be bloated all the time!

But why does it matter to know WHY you bloat? You just want to know how to correct it right? Fair. But there is so much POWER in learning about the why, so you can better understand what the heck is happening with your digestion, and you can begin to make the correct changes.

So for 5 lovely mornings on the week of March 21st, please join me at 9 am for a Facebook Live where everyday I will uncover different reasons that may be causing the bloat, and what we can do to fix it.

Make sure to join the challenge by entering HERE, where you can get access to join my Facebook Group! During the challenge there will be daily homework & challenges (these won't be difficult or time consuming!) that will make you eligible for some pretty amazing Genuine Health prizes, and yes, this includes the delicious pineapple berry collagen powder that I'm always raving about!

Again, this challenge is absolutely free, and designed to give you a little insight behind the reason you might be bloating, and little tips to incorporate into your life to improve digestion- and rid the bloat!

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