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6 Week Gut Reset

6 Week Guide to Reset your Gut, Improve Digestion, & Lose Weight


Time to Reset Your Gut!

Did you know:

75% of our immune system lives in the gut

73% of women report negative digestive issues

Our microbiome's diversity of bacteria play a role in storing fat and our ability to lose weight

Our gut health plays a major role in our mental health, skin health, and hormonal health


You can begin to heal you gut in as little as 30 days!

This program is for you IF:

You struggle with digestive issues and often experience bloating, no matter what you eat

You have constant sugar cravings, and can never seem to satisfy your sweet tooth

Your list of food sensitivities is growing, and long for the days you can eat your favourite foods without abdominal discomfort

You can't remember the last time you had a normal trip to the bathroom, and constipation is slowing ruining your life

You lack energy, motivation, and the same zest for life

You can't seem to lose your belly weight despite eating "healthier" and exercising more

You've tried everything, and don't know what to next!


During the 6 Week Gut Reset We Will Cover:

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Can you Imagine if in just 6 Weeks:

You felt less bloated and for once had digestive confidence!

You experienced more energy throughout the day- no more afternoon crash!

You no longer have sugar cravings, and actually crave healthy food!

You understand how certain foods affect your body and overall health, and can confidently choose healthy meals for you and your family

shed weight and inflammation, and your clothes fit a little better!

You start having regular trips to the bathroom, and
WAY less constipated!

You've created a healthier relationship with food, and choose food that make you feel really good, while nourishing the gut


Healthy Lunch

Meet Your Coach, Kelly!

HI, I'm Kelly! I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Psychiatric Nurse, and Colon Hydrotherapist! I am extremely passionate about all things gut health, mental health, and learning about wellness techniques to promote overall healthier well-being, today, and for your future.

I truly believe all disease begins gut (Hippocrates) and if we can heal our gut, we can create a healthy environment within our body to optimize our health right now, and help prevent chornic illness in the future.

I used to feel bloated, always complaining of a tummy ache after eating, addicted to sugar, caught every cold and flu that came my way, and lived my life in a constant brain fog wondering when I can have my next nap!

After studying holistic nutrition and immersing myself in the science of gut health, I was able to heal my body to get to where I am today.

I have energy for days, experience no digestive issues, get to eat my favourite foods without discomfort, rarely get sick, and my mood improved drastically!

I feel a million times healthier now than in my 20s, and even lost weight as I began to balance my hormones and lose the inflammation.


I'm here to help you do the same, and will be with you every step of the way for 6 weeks with live videos, gut healing meal plans, the same supplement protocol I used to heal my gut, and most important, the accountability to keep you on track. 


What's Included

Healthy Salad

6 Week Meal Plan

Fresh and new weekly meal plans designed specifically to gently detox the body & support gut health

White Pills

Gut Healing Supplement Protocol

Supplements are an important piece of the gut healing puzzle. You will get a full supplement list to help promote optimal gut health and balance the microbiome.

$497 Value

$297 Value

Weekly live videos educating you about the fundamentals of nutrition, proper supplements, & how to optimize digestive health.


Extra Resources

Struggle with hormones?

Depression & anxiety?

Skin issues?

Kelly will provide you with all the extra info you need specific to your individual gut issues.

Laptop On Tray

Live Videos & Accountability

$397 Value

Early bird special
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