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Sona Wellness Clinic

If you've been watching my stuff on my instagram, you may have noticed I have started a new business venture! My passion for holistic nutrition doesn't end with food (although, food is a HUGE piece of the optimal wellness puzzle), but also other holistic therapies such as colon hydrotherapy and infrared sauna/cold plunges!

Located Downtown, Kelowna, Sona Wellness Clinic will have one room dedicated to colon hydrotherapy, and one room dedicated to contrast hydrotherapy. This includes a 3 person medical grade infrared sauna, and a cold plunge tank. Whether you want to just relax in the sauna, take a polar dip in the cold plunge, or alternate with both for the ultimate experience, there are options for everyone!

And of course, I will be offering holistic nutrition programs to either compliment your hydrotherapy treatments, or you can purchase them on their own and start with a nutrition approach before dipping your toes in the plunge tank!

After working as a psychiatric nurse for over 9 years in acute inpatient psychiatry, my passion for mental health still runs deep, but has evolved to a preventative health approach, and offering therapeutic techniques + proper education to reduce the amount of people needing acute care, and thus less pressure on our hospital system.

Typically when working with clients, after only a few weeks into my programs a common phrase I hear after they feel better is "I never knew how bad I was feeling til I started to feel good."

My goal at Sona Wellness, is to ensure everyone leaves feeling much better, and of course compounding this feeling after multiple treatments, deep healing on more than just a physical level, and learning the importance of stress reduction techniques, and access to supplement/nutritional protocols while visiting the wellness space.

From what began to just being interested in simple foods that heal your gut, to becoming a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, to finally opening a place to call mine that incorporates all of my knowledge and even nursing skills, I am so ready. to jump two feet in to this adventure, and dedicate my time, energy, and space to helping you improve your health and optimize your well-being.

I have some amazing presales out. Colonics being as low as $100 per session, a cold plunge dip as low as $18, and introducing a duo dip, where you and your hunny/family/buddy can both enjoy the room for a cheaper price that singular! I'm sensing a new date idea?

Presale prices end the day I open my doors, which is TBA, but definitely happening soon! Checkout PRESALES HERE, and please email or call

250-763-2211 to with you purchase order. I will get back to you as soon as I can to complete your purchase details!

Thank you for following along and for all your support! It is appreciated more than you know!

<3 The Holistic Blonde

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