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6 Week Gut Reset

Guys, my 6 Week Gut Reset Group Coaching program is LIVE and starting SOON! April 11th to be exact!

This is my first Group Coaching Program and I'm already so excited to get started! If you wanna jump right to the program details, check them out HERE, otherwise stay tuned for chit chat all about the gut, what the program entails, and what you can do to be successful!

First of all, this isn't a weight loss program, however, by eating the foods laid out on the meal plan, taking the supplements I recommend, and following the lifestyle habits and gentle detox tips, then I assure you that you will definitely trim up a bit!

You can literally heal your gut in as little as 30 days (again, depending on the damage done to your stubborn intestinal cells and your current balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut!) so in 6 weeks we can do A LOT of work on your gut health.

Not only are you going to get a nice little meal plan (with recipes AND a grocery list), but I will go LIVE every week to teach you all about our gut, how we can not only improve and heal our intestinal health, but how to also prevent chronic illness in the future. Which I believe is one thing everyone has in common. Nobody wants to get sick in the future, and there's actionable steps you can take NOW to reduce your risk for disease.

Along with a specific gut healing meal plan, I am also sending you my complete supplement protocol that is so important for healing the gut, as it literally provides the nutrients needed to help provide integrity to the intestinal lining, help balance and sustain the gut microbiome bacteria, and help to minimize the inflammatory response that may be happening in your gut! Yes, food is #1, but the supplements taking during this program will make a big impact on the actual healing of the gut.

I will also be sending everyone a copy of my Habit Tracker, where you can check off everyday during the 6 Week Program all the new lovely little gut healing habits (from your morning Apple Cider Vinegar shot to your gentle detox habits, stress reducing habits, and of course to sticking to the meal plan!) which I'll have access to as well :)

Pssst that's the accountability part.

So we have meal plans, live trainings, a complete supplement protocol, the Habit Tracker, and lastly, you'll be invited to join a community of similar humans with similar digestive issues, and can learn from each other as well as keep others motivated to stay on track!

Hippocrates says "the gut is the root to all disease" as your gut health is linked to both your physical health & mental health. By taking care of your digestion, you will seriously experience improvements in all areas of health. Your mood, energy levels, immune system, skin, cognitive health, hormonal health, and even sugar cravings will all start to improve once you start to heal your gut!

I am offering my Early Bird special pricing only until Sunday at 11 pm PST! This pricing is either 2 payments of $247 OR 1 payment for $447! Not only will you get this low pricing until Sunday, but I will be increasing the overall price of the program next time I run the 6 Week Gut Reset, so this is definitely THE chance to get on this program!

We start Monday April 11th, and finish up May 20th, right before May Long Weekend!

If you have any specific questions about the program please reach out.

And always remember, YOU are your best investment, and you can choose to pay now, or later :) Not to mention 6 weeks will absolutely fly by!

Sign up HERE to get started!

See ya'll in the group, happy weekend!

<3 The Holistic Blonde

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