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Happy Guts Program

You guys! 2021 is literally ALMOST OVER! I think that is absolutely crazy. I would have loved to say this year has been amazing, I crushed a bunch of goals, travelled the world etc. but the truth is, none of that happened.

But guess what did happen? No, Covid is still here, roaring again.

I DID heal my gut. HEAL is a strong word, I was totally made aware of this during my Holistic Nutrition Program of words we can’t technically use, but I interpret heal as many things.

Heal=can eat gluten without barrelling over in pain and cursing the Gods.

Heal=losing 8 pounds of inflammation and bloat and feel comfortable in my skin again. Heal=not being controlled by sugar cravings and choosing to eat chocolate when I want to. Heal=not restricting my diet of dairy, gluten, and sugars because of how it made me feel.

My relationship with food has immensely improved, the way I feel after eating foods (even the not so healthy stuff) has improved, and my overall immune system is stronger, and I feel healthy and vibrant. To me, that’s a big HEAL check mark.

So I developed the Happy Guts Program, because when your guts aren’t happy, you sure as hell won’t be. And that’s not even because of the microbiome serotonin situation, which trust me will likely be another whole blog post. This psych nurse has A LOT to say about the gut-brain connection, and unfortunately that won't be today.

But if you are experiencing indigestion, bloating, abnormal bowel movements (colon hydrotherapist here, I will talk your ear off about BM’s), then you will be feeling a host of negative symptoms, because friends, your digestive system is the gateway to health, or illness. You choose your own adventure.

These negative symptoms may include constipation and sluggish digestion, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, mental health issues like mood swings, anxiety, or depression, sleep disturbances, poor immune system and getting sick often, pain, acne or other skin issues, sugar cravings, and brain fog.

Did I get them all? I mean, you get the point. Poor gut=no bueno. And you know what the worst part of this whole health crisis thing is?! If you continue to damage your gut by your unhealthy habits, well then my friend, let me introduce you to LEAKY GUT.

We don’t want this. This is like driving your car straight into a dead end and instead of hitting reverse and turning your car around, you drive into a snow bank, your transmission breaks (or some other car part that breaks the damn thing--I'm a nutritionist not a mechanic), and your car never runs the same again.

Okay that was dramatic, the point of this whole post is to tell you that you CAN reverse your health. Just that the harder you drive into that snow back, the harder it is to dig yourself out.

K let's back up (I love the car analogy right now). Let’s briefly explain what leaky gut is, shall we. Leaky gut is when there is increased intestinal permeability, meaning that bacteria and toxins and even food particles, are able to leak through the intestinal wall, and go into the bloodstream. Because of these foreign particles are now making rounds in the bloodstream, an immune response is set off and then hello inflammation!

Research shows that inflammation is actually the culprit for chronic disease. Depression, cancer, autoimmune issues, Alzheimer’s, heart disease… nothing good here folks.

But what if we can put the car in reverse (now picture me at the front of the car pushing with all my might while you reverse the car out of the snowbank), that's what I'm here for as your fellow nutritionist!

What if we can shut off this physiological response and heal your gut so no bad guys get into the bloodstream? Instead, your digestion works perfectly in a steady stream from point A to point B (I don’t need to explain where point B is). What if your digestion works properly so you have the right acid levels in your stomach, your pancreas efficiently releases enzymes, your liver correctly detoxifies and regulates hormones, and your gallbladder pulverizes fats.

And furthermore, what if we provide proper nutrition into your gut so your body can absorb and utilize the nutrients? Think of how happy your cells would be, working in harmony and making you a happier, healthier human.

This is all extremely possible. You can start making massive change in your health with ONE meal, ONE bite. And then just imagine the cumulative effect with ongoing healthy habits.

That’s where I come in. Accountability is the second most important ingredient in my program (the first is food, duh).

So what does my 12 Week Happy Guts Program entail:

  • A complete holistic nutrition assessment with symptom review with my detailed plan on how to heal your gut

  • Biweekly individualized meal plans (if you don’t like cauliflower or fish, I got you).

  • A supplement guide using my specific Happy Guts protocol with 20% off option on first order, and any other supplements I recommend for your individualized needs

  • A lifestyle and biohackers guide to support your gut healing journey with stress reduction and anti-aging tips to optimize well-being.

  • 30 minute weekly zoom calls to chat wins, goals, and identify ways to ensure you remain successful

  • Habit tracker that lists your daily habits

The first month of my program will definitely be more of a detox protocol. Think more greens, less sugar, more discomfort, but I promise you will start to feel more energized and healthier right away!

Month 2 and 3 meal plans will still be somewhat “restrictive” (I hate that word…) but I promise it will still be delicious and more importantly get you to the place you want to be.

If you are interested in my Happy Guts Program, APPLY HERE and we can get started! The 12 Week total is $1500, but I just require a $250 deposit, and you pay the rest on your preferred start date (but right now a bunch of people are starting January 3, 2022 to kick off the new year!) I also offer monthly payment plans as an option as well. Make sure to chat with me if that's up your alley!

Yes it’s an investment, but yes, it’s your health. As they say (I can’t remember who…) you can pay now, or pay later. What does it mean for you to have extra time with your family, healthy and happy, and to not deal with chronic health issues later?

The choices you make today, contribute to how you feel tomorrow.

Doors are closing Wednesday, December 22, 2021! So make sure to get your applications in!

To health, and happiness, and happy guts.


<3 The Holistic Blonde

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