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5 Day Free Bloating 101 Workshop

Why we bloat & what we can do about it.

Free Workshop March 21st-25th

Green Smoothie

Let's Get Straight to the Point...

  • You feel bloated ALL the time but can't understand why?

  • You've restricted certain foods, drank fancy teas, and purchased all the different supplements you can, yet, still bloated?

  • You struggle with sugar cravings and need to have a sweet treat daily to satisfy them?

  • You experience brain fog, often feel tired, and more unmotivated than usual?

  • You are tired of constantly feeling puffy, inflamed, and bloated!

Can You Relate?!

You Would Rather Feel:

  • Like you can eat the foods you love without feeling like you have a food baby after!

  • Like you don't constantly crave sugar, or think about it all day long!

  • Less bloated overall, and you can begin to recognise yourself again.

  • More energy throughout the day, especially after eating.

  • Comfortable and satiated, not feeling overly full, fluctuating with feelings of HANGER.

Sign me up!

This challenge is for you IF:

  • You struggle with bloating and indigestion

  • You are clueless about what is causing you to bloat

  • You have constant sugar cravings that are never satisfied

  • You feel low-vibe, low energy more days than not

  • You're ready to finally heal your digestion, whatever it takes!


What's Included:

5 Days of FREE Live Videos to help you understand what's behind the bloat, and how to fix it

Daily homework to help you learn more about your digestion

Simple, actionable steps to start taking control of your gut health right away

A chance to win some epic products from Genuine Health

Early access and Founder Members Pricing for my 6 Week Spring Detox Group Program


About Me

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, and Registered Psychiatric Nurse. I specialise in helping others optimise their digestion, improve mental well-being, and most importantly, help ditch the bloat!

Join me March 21-25th for a free 5 Day Workshop educating you about the actual reasons WHY we bloat, WHAT we can do about it, and ACTIONABLE steps to help ditch the bloat for good.

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