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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Hello! Welcome to my new space. Where I will pour my heart out, share my passions, and inspire a healthier way of living.

But first, I want you to get to know me. Where I came from, what I've been through, and where I am going. I didn't always follow the holistic path, and believe me, sometimes I still don't! I am only human, and enjoy sugar, cheese, and wine just like the rest of us! Although those things aren't always the best for our health, they can be nourishing for our souls. And finding a life filled with balance, where you can reach your health goals and still enjoy delicious foods, is a life I strive to live, and a life I aspire to teach others.

"Let's build wellness rather than treating disease."

I grew up in a single parent household. With my mother working evenings the majority of the week, my brother and I were often left with quick, easy meals to prepare, often void of nutrients. This meant a lot of Kraft Dinner, ichiban noodles, spaghetti and cheese, and other high carb processed foods that were highly palatable and kept me and my brother happy. And of course there were the treats. Nightly milkshakes (anyone remember nesquick chocolate cocoa powder?!) cut up strawberries with added sugar (because nature's candy isn't sweet enough) and all the Twix bars and Reese's Cups we could have asked for.

I was chronically sick.

I was a skinny blonde girl that consistently had a runny nose or a cough. Saying I have probably taken 500 courses of antibiotics in my life wouldn't even be an exaggeration. Whether it was strep throat or a virus treated with medication, it seemed I was always trying a new strain of antibiotics to help cure my chronic sickness. It didn't help that I had a poor immune system right from the gates. I was a C-section baby and was never breast fed and given formula. Being born a natural birth and being breast fed for at least one year are extremely important for the infant's immune system. The bacteria in the birth canal and the colostrum in breast milk both provide essential nutrients for building immunity.

Fast forward to junior high and my nutrition habits only worsened. About the only greens I got in my diet included steamed broccoli, but that came with a buttery processed cheese sauce poured over top. Typically I ate a lot of McDonald's, prepared pizza or lasagne, and even more Kraft Dinner. Lunches at schools were processed microwaveable lunches, pizza pops, or I would hit up the food court and grab some chicken fingers and fries.

High school was even worse. Sugary cereals (my mom spoiled us with the good stuff) or I would grab a chocolate chip Costco sized muffin that contained more carbs and sugars than is ethically unhealthy for a young child. This was followed by a cheese burger, an afternoon pick me up which was either a chocolate bar or a coffee with even more sugar, and another highly processed dinner.

Can you see a theme here?

I was malnourished. Not only was I not properly nourishing my brain, but I was destroying my gut health, which I now know is an extremely important role in a thriving immune system. And my habits didn't get better in University, especially with adding in alcohol to the mix. My anxiety worsened to the point I had to take medication. I just couldn't figure out that my unhealthy lifestyle of partying and eating terrible foods correlated to my mental health. I still remained chronically sick, and was either taking cold meds for my constant runny nose or antibiotics for my cough. Not to mention I packed on unwanted pounds, had inflammation in my body, and always felt puffy and bloated. Sick was my normal. I didn't know any other way.

In 2011 I joined a CrossFit gym. Other then the odd Step Class at my University, or blindly using the school gym once or so a month, exercise was not a big part of my life. I was a competitive gymnast in my younger years, and after having to quit due to its escalating costs I began to resent sports and never found a similar hobby I was passionate about. CrossFit woke up my competitive nature, and the young girl from Grade 8 began to get excited about an activity again. I looked forward to my workouts, making goals, and the high intensity workouts where you were always trying to win on some level, whether against yourself or others.

It was through CrossFit that I learned about the Paleo Diet. A diet rich of vegetables and whole foods, lean meats, healthy fats, and void of processed foods and refined carbs. I instantly started feeling better as I stopped eating the crap that was so habitual in my life. The white breads and microwave meals and take out food. I began to cook more at home, eat salads, and bake paleo approved almond flour muffins. It was a slow transition, but the beginning of my "food is medicine" journey.

But it was one specific video that changed how I thought about food. One video that will stick with me forever, and one that I always recommend to clients and friends. "Minding Your Mitochondria" By Dr. Terry Wahls. Such a powerful and inspirational video. A woman who was wheelchair ridden and debilitated by MS, healing herself completely using the power of food. You have to watch it to believe it, but this my friends, is what started my obsession with Holistic Nutrition.

I completed my schooling in Psychiatric Nursing and am on year 8 of being a proud nurse. After moving to beautiful Kelowna BC, I studied Holistic Nutrition, where I learned even more about the healing properties of food, and The Holistic Blonde was born. And just recently, I became Certified in Colon Hydrotherapy!

Nothing brings me more joy than watching others heal and become their best selves through holistic health practices. I have the privilege of working with Dr. Chelsea Gronick and Dr. Emily Pratt in their Naturopathic office here in Kelowna administering Vitamin IV's and Injections, it is truly my dream job! I also am now the Colon Hydrotherapist behind Kelowna Colonics.

If you are suffer from digestive issues, low energy levels, symptoms of depression and anxiety, weight management, and just generally feeling unwell, I urge you to seek help from other practitioners such as Naturopathic Doctor's (I know two great ones!) or Holistic Nutritionists like myself. I offer a 6 Week Holistic Reset Program to help you choose the right foods to fuel you, heal your gut, and calm down inflammation in your body that may be contributing to these negative symptoms.

My life has completely changed since implementing the Holistic Reset guidelines for myself, and I can't wait to help change your life. Are you ready for some radical healing?!

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