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I'm Feeling 2022 <3

I could start off this blog talking about the wrath that was 2021. Restrictions and lockdowns, mandates and terminations, divisiveness and segregation. Oh shoot, I wasn’t supposed to actually get into it…

Apologize, let’s change that! There were also amazing things that happened, buying my first condo, an incredibly adventurous summer, new friendships and business endeavors… This list goes on and I’m truly grateful for all of those things.

I can also chat about the amazing 2022 that awaits us all. Is this going to be an overly positive “you can do anything you set your mind to” cliche post that I release as my first blog post of 2022 to motivate and inspire ya’ll to just go and live your best life?

You bet.

I’ve spent many years working with a victim mindset population as a psychiatric nurse. I can spot it from a mile away, and at times I’ve caught myself experiencing this same mindset. It’s easy to blame others for my failures, when in reality, every way that I FEEL is my own doing.

Every single day I have to make an actual choice to choose how I think. The words I think. Of course I still complain, think negatively, and quite possibly bring those down around me when I’m in a bad mood, but I am becoming more cognisant of my thoughts, and that awareness alone can move mountains.

Thoughts are energy. You can think about something positive that inspires you, or something negative that makes you feel sad, angry, etc. The media does a great job of doing this. I know that when I am in a negative state, it is harder for me to feel motivated to do positive or healthy behaviours. And that’s when I decide to put something positive or funny (this could be an episode of the Office) to get me out of my negative funk.

Thoughts create motivation to act a certain way. Are you motivated to sulk and feel sadness, and not take action in your goals, or motivated to make positive changes and get closer to your goals such as work out, choose healthy eating habits, or work on your new business?

In other words, YOU are in control of your actions and behaviours, because nobody else gets to do that for you. That is your superpower.

Let this be motivation for YOU to start making the changes you want to show up better in the world.

I knew I had to make some changes in my habits this year if I wanted to be who I wanted to be, if I wanted to feel how I wanted to feel, and if I wanted to have the success that I desire.

Here’s a few little habits I’ve started implementing into my life to help put me in a good headspace in the morning, start my day on a positive note, and be more productive.

  1. Stop scrolling on social media first thing in the morning. This is not easy, as it was such an ingrained habit for me! I plug my phone WAY across the room on airplane mode, because A) this helps me actually get out of bed to turn off my alarm, and B) then I make a decision to not grab my phone, so instead I grab a book or put on a meditation and have started my mornings easing into my day instead of being blasted with notifications and looking at social media that really doesn’t do me any good at 5 am!

  2. Drink 1 L of water (ish). Before bed I fill a 1.5 L mason jar of water and place beside my bed, and when I wake up in the morning I do my best to drink it right away. We lose so much hydration while we sleep, so I make sure before I make my delicious coffee I am hydrating first. Bonus points to squeeze in half a lemon and sea salt to replenish electrolytes and nourish the liver.

  3. I make my list of things to do. I used to start my “work day” completely scattered, with almost too many tasks to do that I don’t get anything done! Before I dive deep into more self-development and my exercise routine, I like to write out my daily to do’s. This is so I’m NOT thinking about them when I’m journaling, meditating, or exercising.

  4. Make my coffee or tea, and journal. I do a few types of journaling, and this has been a huge catalyst for my mental health and business growth. The first thing I do is write out affirmations that I focus on throughout the day. This usually has to do with Abundance, the Universe guiding me, or some serious self-empowerment. I have an app called I Am Affirmations and usually pick a few in a different areas. A few examples “I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance,” “I will keep pursuing my dreams until they manifest into my reality,” and “Everything I want wants me too.” However, I am totally unsure that Leo Dicaprio is aware of my existence… The next section of journaling I do is a few minutes of future journaling. Which is where my manifesting energy comes into play. I literally just write in the present tense, of how I want my life to be. From how I want to feel, to the relationships I have, the success of my business, and maybe even some material things I’ll throw in there. I make sure to embody the feeling of having all these things. And lastly, I journal 3 gratitudes. These can be big or small. Usually my pup Lola is always at least one… but anything else works. I am grateful for running water, the ability to purchase nutritious organic food, and the beautiful candles I am surrounded by.

  5. And lastly, this is when I usually exercise, unless I have a hike planned later in the day. I am such a morning workout person, but once I’ve had my coffee and did all the above things, I am usually fired up for a sweat! I am very fortunate to have my own Peleton at home, so I typically do a 30-45 min spin! Movement is absolutely essential for me in calming anxiety, and it is non-negotiable. I prefer quiet evenings reading dinner or relaxing, so I prefer to get my sweat in early!

Yes, there’s more things I do but this is the first 1-2 hours of my morning. I take my supplements regularly (usually after I eat), I sneak in a 5-10 minute meditation, I use my sauna bag regularly when I can, and I prioritize cooking healthy foods or juicing. If you’re feeling stuck with your morning routine, or feel you can elevate your life, try some of these tips!

Along with providing meal plans, I actually add all of these habits (including a Habit Tracker to monitor them!) in my Happy Guts Program. During the 12 Weeks, of course providing healthy meals and supplements to support your gut health is important, but so is working on your self-care and mental health to decrease stress in the body! A body can rarely heal in a stressed out state, so this is such a huge pillar in my program!

If you are looking to elevate your gut health (and you life!) APPLY HERE, and make 2022 the year of YOU.

Happy Holistic Healing!

THB <3

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