The Holistic Blonde

Hello! My name is Kelly Gillies and I am a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. My goal is to inspire a healthier way of living. Nothing brings me more joy than teaching others about the power of holistic nutrition, and how you can heal your body by simply eating nourishing, whole foods.

My focus is on gut health, mental well-being, and hormone balancing, all by using an intuitive eating approach.

I currently live in Kelowna, BC, Canada, where I love to hike with my puppy, dine at local restaurants, and visit the gorgeous wineries.


Let’s Eat Together

Holistic Nutrition is the new Macro Counting. Check out what I’m eating, and join me on the path to optimal wellness.


What is Holistic Nutrition, and how does it fit into your lifestyle?

Holistic Nutrition doesn’t mean eating boring, bland foods. It means choosing nourishing, delicious, real foods, void of processed and synthetic ingredients that actually heal your body.

Side effects from adopting a holistic diet?

Better skin, more energy, decreased cravings, enhanced mood, weight loss, and many more.

There is literally nothing to lose by switching to a nutrient rich diet void of, well mostly garbage. Do you have to eat vegan, low carb, keto, paleo, etc? Absolutely not. Removing processed foods alone will definitely make a difference.

First things first, you have to eat whole foods, and cut the crap. Once your body is flooded with the nutrients it’s been lacking, then you will start to feel all sorts of amazing. Simply put, real food=real results.

If you choose to work with me, we will look further into what therapeutic diets will help you begin healing your body.

Are you ready to finally make the changes and achieve your goals?

Even just one meal can make a difference at how you feel in that very moment.

How cool is that? You have the power to change the way you feel with one bite. Now just think how incredible you’ll feel after 6 weeks.

The foods you have previously eaten have likely gotten you in this mess, and I can assure you that by changing your dietary habits to eating nourishing, whole foods, we will get you out of it!

By adding more nutrient dense foods into your life, you will crowd out the old unhealthy foods. By eating more healthy fats and less sugar, your hormones will begin to balance out, which will both stabilise your hunger levels and decrease cravings for sugar.

By implementing some of my secret superfoods, you will begin healing your body from the inside out, and it won’t be long before you achieve optimal wellness.

Holistic nutrition isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that everyone can implement. It’s time to feel alive again.





Exercise doesn’t mean you have to slave away in the gym, doing bicep curls and running endlessly on the treadmill to achieve your goals. Exercise simply means to move your body. I encourage you to move your body every single day. This could include a daily nature walk, attending a yoga class, swinging kettle bells, or your traditional gym routine. Click here to read more about my exercise regime and unconventional training methods.



Your mind is a powerful tool. Healing involves more than just eating a nutritious diet and exercising every day. Healing involves developing a mindfulness practice that helps you create awareness for the present moment. Worrying about the future or perseverating on past events can easily affect your mental health. Daily mediation, gratitude practices, deep breathing techniques, and positive affirmations work to calm the brain and build resiliency during stressful times. To keep reading click here.



In order to show up in the world being your best self, you have to be in love with your self first.

Leading a holistic lifestyle, complete with a nutritious diet, an exercise regime, and mindfulness practice is already a form of self-love. But truly loving yourself is the key to success. You can’t show up for other’s if you don’t love yourself fully. Read more to see what I do on a day to day basis to show myself some love!