Hello! My name is Kelly, and I am a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I have 6 years experience working in acute inpatient psychiatry and have begun practising holistic nutrition. I am extremely passionate about both mental health and nutrition, and know from first hand experience how much one relates to the other. My job is to educate you as best as I can on both western and holistic approaches to wellness.

I live in the heart of the Okanagan, in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia. From gourmet restaurants, incredible hikes, world class vineyards, and fitness hot spots, there is so much to do in this gorgeous city! I love sharing my experiences, making new recipes, and keeping you up to date with the latest superfoods!

I am here to help you reclaim your health by starting with the foods you put on your plate. I have a spiritual flavour in my work, as the body-mind-spirit connection can greatly influence recovery and success. I teach you how to not only nourish your body, but teach you the tools to cultivate a more positive mindset. Time to begin your healing journey and create your radiant life. But first, let’s start with my healing journey


I never thought anything about nutrition growing up as a kid. I just simply, ate. I grew up with a single mother working in the evenings, so my brother and I were usually eating some sort of pre-prepared meal (usually kraft dinner, frozen lasagnas, etc), or given money for pizza or fast food. My favourite was McDonalds, I must have eaten there at least 3 times a week for years! Junior high was all about pop tarts and pizza pops, and high school was a Costco sized muffin for breakfast, chicken fingers and fries for lunch, and some sort of microwave dinner when I got home from school.

I didn’t eat nor like vegetables, and home cooked meals were rare unless I was eating at a relatives or friends house. I was the pickiest kid you can imagine. Now, for the record, my mother was a hard-working single mom, and she was doing the best she can with what she had, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing in my childhood if I could. My passion for holistic nutrition was fuelled because I grew up without proper nutrition, and when I learned that you can heal your body simply by managing the things you put into it, then it was easy, and I began my journey.

So how did I become a superfood holistic health advocate? When did I go from drinking slurpees and eating twix’s to guzzling bone broth and snacking on coconut butter to satisfy my sweet tooth?

Slowly but surely the freshman 15 happened. My petite figure became a product of my unhealthy diet. During university, or as I like to call it, the donair and poutine phase of my slowly maturing appetite, I started exercising. Yes, for my vanity, but also because I’ve always enjoyed working out to an extent. I was a competitive gymnast growing up, and it always kept my metabolism in check so I figured I should start moving my body again.

It started with a few booty camps here and there, some cardio machines at the Grant MacEwan gym, step classes with the girls, and eventually I landed myself in a CrossFit gym. Now, please no unnecessary comments about CrossFit. I don’t currently attend a CF gym but absolutely love the community, incorporate many of the functional movements I learned in my current workout regimen, and will always be grateful as it was this phase in my life that I learned all about the Paleo Diet, which lead me to where I am today.

At this point I wasn’t even eating a standard North American diet, I was eating worse. Switching to a paleo lifestyle had its challenges, but it was worth it for the changes I started seeing in my mental and physical health. I began eating tons of vegetables I’ve never even heard of! It was as if they had just been invented. Spaghetti squash was a foreign object to me, and the thought of brussel sprouts made me sick. Now I eat these regularly in my diet, as well as all the other vegetables from A-Z.

Of course I added many new foods to my diet such as vegetables, healthy fats, and fish. But it was the taking away of foods that posed a challenge. My cereals, and English muffins. Granola bars and chocolate bars. They all had to go. This didn’t happen overnight, and by no means do I eat a “perfect” diet now. But the next 5 years of experimenting with certain foods has taught me so much about nutrition, and I found myself reading nutrition books for fun in my spare time.

I graduated from Psychiatric Nursing school in December of 2012. I remember looking into the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition program in 2014, and almost registered for the online Registered Holistic Nutritionist program. Life happened, and I never got around to starting the program.

I moved from Edmonton to Kelowna in May 2015. My passion for nutrition continued to grow. I had a great job at the hospital, but I wasn’t quite satisfied. Becoming a psychiatric nurse is by far my biggest accomplishment, and I am ever so grateful I get to work with individuals with mental health issues, but I just felt like I needed something more. I knew my truth involved educating and teaching others about the power of nutrition, and the benefits they can experience when nourished properly.

Fueling my body with whole, nutrient dense foods changed me. My skin cleared up, I lost weight, I no longer had digestive difficulties, my mood was better, and my energy levels were higher. I have always loved reading, and I was constantly reading self-development and nutrition books that continued to fuel my passion for holistic health. So why didn’t I just go to back to school already?

It only made sense, become a Holistic Nutritionist, Kelly. I wanted to share my knowledge with others, and help them with whatever issues they were experiencing. Be it nutrition related or not. I am blessed to have mental health training and I know it will only add to my skills when working with clients. Nutrition and mental health go hand in hand, you simply can’t function your best if you are lacking essential nutrients.

I registered for the CSNN program for September of 2016. It was an impulsive decision, but it felt right. Over the next year I attended classes while still working full-time hours at the hospital. I finally have the credentials to back up the nutritional advice I’ve been practising for years.

Fast forward to today. I work as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Agape Natural Wellness Centre, as well as assist Dr. Vicky Bentz, ND with vitamin injections and infusions at The IV Zone.

 Although I specialize in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and helping others break free from emotional eating, I also help individuals in general nutritional consulting to help them deal with whatever they are facing. I have finally landed in a place where I live my passion, peace, and purpose.

Let me help you live yours too <3